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The Music Centre & Rak Engineering are              the trading names of the:           Hamilton Music Centre Ltd

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Second hand

     All second hand equipment has a three month warranty. If an item is marked Ex display or Ex demo                     it has a 12 months warranty

Here is a classic from the 1980's . . .

Peavey Special 130 Solo Series guitar amp. Solid state, with the original foot switch. Excellent condition all around, physically and performance-wise. USA made!

Two channels, clean and distortion. The clean is exceptionally clean as you would expect from a good solid state amp. The second channel really rocks . . . and can get VERY LOUD.

I know it doesn't look it, but this amp is 130 watts through a monster Peavey Scorpion 12" speaker, so play as quiet as you'd like or AS LOUD AS YOU WANT . . . and I would like to see this amp go to a good home.


- Trace Elliot 715 Series 6 Combo - Series 6

7 band pre-amp and 150 watt power amp, 15” speaker - a classic Trace combo. These are Trace Watts, so much louder than standard watts!!


The Cloud CX133 is versatile audio mixer with applications in Licensed, Retail and Leisure venues. The unit has facilities for three stereo line signals and one microphone signal that can be fed, in stereo, to two areas, each with a front panel mounted music source select switch and adjacent music level and microphone level controls. In addition, a fixed level ‘Utility’ output is provided to serve general utility areas such as toilets and foyers etc. All pre-set controls are located on the rear panel with additional configuration jumpers mounted on the printed circuit board. Remote level controls can be wired to the two stereo zones for applications that require remote control of the music level.

These units are still on sale online at £200+.


The RQ 200 is a 6-channel mini mixer that really delivers. This high quality mixer features 6 XLR low Z mic inputs and 4 channels with stereo line inputs. The RQ 200 can be used with batteries or plugged into the wall this makes it ideal for many applications. Each channel has high and low EQ, a monitor and effect send and a 60 mm channel fader. The outputs on the RQ 200 are both 1/4 in. and mini stereo, which is great for plugging the mixer into a video camera or computer.


There are a lot of harmony processors out there, however the patented DigiTech harmony algorithm is the only one capable of maintaining the characteristics of the human voice. Whether you need harmonies for a live performance, the DigiTech® VR is up to the job. The VR lets you choose between Chordal or Scalic Harmonies, select the key and scale, determine whether the harmonies are below or above your voice, assign individual mix levels for your voice and the harmonies, add warm reverbs, and much more.


Two Eko ranger 6 guitars for sale. The one on the left is in excellent condition, whereas the one on the left is marked and showing its age.

£95.00 £65.00

Marlin “Sidewinder”

Left hand guitar

Must be about 30 years old or even older. I believe these instruments were made in East Germany the 70’s and 80’s and distributed by the “Cardiff Music String company”

Could be collectable as an example of that era

In fair condition, considering its age.


Artist Tenor banjo

An oldie but a goodie!

Japanese made, probably in the late 70’s or early 80’s. In really good condition considering its age


Audition Semi-Acoustic

From the 70’s. Japanese, made for Woollworth’s by “Kay” guitars.

These appear to be collectable and e-bay prices are high. Missing trem arm but in good condition considering its age

Yamaha Pacifica 012

In fair condition, has 3 x pickups with a humbucker at the bridge.

Decent guitar and priced to sell.

£85.00 £75.00

BC Rich “Virgin” platinum  pro series.

EX-Display: In store price £489.00

Floyd Rose style locking trem system

Needs a good home!


    Alto AMX180

5 mic input channels with gold-plated XLRs and phone connectors
8 stereo input channels with balanced TRS jacks
2-track inputs assignable to main mix, control room & headphone outputs
2 stereo AUX returns for additional functionality
Built-in 24-bit digital effects processor

       In V.G. condition

£125.00 Stringed istruments More second hand Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold